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6S shaker table


6S Shaker Table, also known as FRP shaker, gold shaking table, benefaction shaker, slime shaker, 6-S shaker. It is a gravity separator for sorting fine-grained material, widely used in the mining industry for ore processing of tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, Zinc, bismuth, antimony, iron, manganese, ferrotitanium, and coal.

  • High recovery ration, concentration ration

  • Easy installation, operation, and maintenance

  • low investment, long service life

  • 1 year quality warranty, 24 hours customer service

Machine Working


Gold shaking table main component includes head, electric motor, slope regulator, ore tank, water tank, compound strip, and lubrication system. Shaking table mineral separation is an inclined table, the combined action of the symmetrical reciprocating motion of a mechanical slab and the flow of water on a thin inclined plane, causes loose layering and zoning of ore particles on the table surface, thereby causing the mineral separation process to be carried out according to different densities.
Shaking table can make material have different motion base on different particle density and particle size, and from the feeder tank material flow out like a diagonal along the edge of the bed, the discharge line is very long, accurate real estate product of a variety of different quality, such as the concentrate, inferior concentrate, medium concentrate and tailing in time etc.

Machine Details

Technical Parameters

shaker table datas


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