Project Description

Trommel Screen


Trommel screen also known as rotary screen, is a kind of mechanical screen machine for separating mineral ore material, mainly used in the gold wash plant and solid waste treatment industry. The trommel controls the mineral separation by the size of the particles, and the separation precision is high.

  • Simple design, easy use and high efficiency

  • Easy installation, operation, and maintenance

  • Largest Capacity Range

  • 1 year quality warranty, 24 hours customer service

gold wash plant design

Machine Working


The cylinder of the drum screen is generally divided into several sections, depending on the specific circumstances, the screen holes from small to large arrangements, each section on the same size of the screen hole. The trommel screen mainly comprises a motor, a reducer, a roller device, a machine frame, a sealing cover and an inlet and outlet.

When feeding ore material into the drum, the material begins to rotate and tumble inside the drum before calming down intermittently. This revolution is completed along the length of the drum. Hence, the finer materials pass through the screen openings while the larger ones tumble to their exit through the rear end of the drum. Separation of different materials is done efficiently.

Machine Details

Technical Parameters


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