Fluorite flotation process / How to extract Fluorite ore

Fluorite flotation process

Fluorite flotation process is suitable for high silt content, impurities mineral and fluorite symbiose, fine disseminated grain-size, etc complex ore property and difficult separation fluorite ore.

General Process Introduction

1. Separation of fluorite and sulphide ore: generally, use xanthate collector to emerge sulphide ore, then add fatty acid collector to float fluorite. Another, during flotation processing, add little sulphite inhibitor to guarantee the quality of concentrated fluorite.

2. Separation of fluorite and barite: Generally, use bulk flotation and then separate. During bulk flotation, use oleic acid as collector to get bulk concentrate. The separation of bulk concentrate can use direct flotation or reverse flotation to get concentrated fluorite.

3. Separation of fluorite and quartz: Use fatty acid to collect fluorite and use water glass to restrain quartz. The dosage of water glass should be proper, little dosage have activation for fluorite ore, but is not enough to control quartz. Over dosage will control fluorite ore. Sometimes, to increase the inhibiting effect, it will add some polyvalent metal ion and it will also control calcite.

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